Our Story



Who are we?


Welcome to Bailey Boutique. We are beyond thrilled you are checking out our site! When I say we, I mean me, Katie. This business is the result of countless hours of hard work and pure passion. Created by someone who loves fashion. For those who share the same affection! 


What we are about.


Bailey Boutique is here to bring you the latest trends in fashion, at the most affordable price. And best of all, everything is made here in the USA. The clothes are specially sourced and quality assured. Our jewelry is handmade. We believe in supporting small businesses and growing our domestic economy.


Who am I? 


A little bit of my personal background in the crazy world of fashion includes a BFA in fashion design with a minor in studio art. I love looking for inspiration. Whether it is in something as simple as a leaf I found on the ground or a vintage fabric. I love social media and finding other people who have a passion. I’ve worked in NYC designing things that were made in China for $2 and then sold here for $100. Something inside me told me, this is not quite right. I've worked in huge retail stores. That also opened my eyes to how much waste is produced by the fashion industry. So now, I find myself here. Working my butt off to build a business that I can morally support.




 I also want to take the time to invite you to join this adventure with me. I have created a live, up to date blog detailing the life and week to week struggles/successes of Bailey Boutique. This business is my blood, sweat and tears. I would love to hear from you! Email, tweets, Facebook, and/or Instagram post are awesome and I will personally respond. Or if you have a question, just give me a call! 
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